The Southside is the perfect expression of how Jacksonville grew over the years to become the largest city in the United States (land mass and yes that is true :))  It is bordered by Arlington to the north and east, St. Johns County to the south and San Marco and I-95 to the west.  Much of the development began in the mid-1900’s and has continued to this day.  The main thoroughfares include JTB (HWY 202), Southside, Baymeadows, Beach Boulevard and Atlantic Boulevard.

Once dotted with cow pastures and farming, now this suburban area is car dominated and boasts new commercial shopping centers including two large shopping malls: St. Johns Town Center and the Avenues Mall.  St. Johns Town Center is an open air mall with residential and business centers woven within.  Around the corner is Tinsel Town with a movie theater, restaurants, and more shopping.  The Avenues Mall is a more traditional mall, with additional shopping and even more dining and shopping options.

Commuting, shopping and recreation are convenient (see map.)  Residents enjoy local golf courses, abundant dining, even some breweries, and entertainment, and easy access to the beaches via J. Turner Butler Boulevard.  Goodby’s Creek is a popular boating destination as well.

There is a plethora of housing types + price points to choose from,  including condos, townhouses, homes on the intracoastal, established suburban, and new construction.

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