Thinking about moving to Jacksonville?  For families with school-aged children it’s imperative to learn about the schools as part of your homework when researching communities.  There are a wide variety of choices in the area for families interested in giving their children a great education.  Whether your child is interested in the arts, science, engineering, math, technology, or even medical studies, from preschool to college, you’ll find many options to choose from  via public and public magnet schools, private schools, or boarding and faith-based schools.

Most of the listings in our MLS have the schools listed but in case you run across one that doesn’t, you can visit the county’s School Locator Tools, just put in the address of the home you are considering to find the schools.:

If you would like to explore each county’s school district more closely, you can use these links:

And finally, one more tool that you may find useful is the state of Florida’s list of school districts and grades.

I hope these tools are of help to you – feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


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