Loft Life

If you are looking to purchase a loft in Jacksonville, there are a few options in the urban core that may interest you.  Lofts are different than a traditional condominium.  Although the building is set up like a traditional condominium, with an HOA or Condo Board, a loft is different in that is usually a large open space and may be broken up into smaller spaces to accommodate rooms, like a bedroom, or office, studio, etc..  They are generally large flex spaces that an owner can be creative with to accommodate their particular living needs.

Jacksonville basically has 4 true loft buildings.  They are: 1951 Market Street in historic Springfield; the Churchwell Lofts in Downtown; the Home Street Lofts in San Marco; and the John Gorrie in Riverside.  So, there are several options to choose from in each of Jacksonville’s urban core neighborhoods.  1951 Market and the John Gorrie are actually old school buildings that have been converted in lofts and the Churchwell Lofts are located in an historic dry goods building.

They all have architectural features, such as exposed brick and wooden beams and since they were previously commercial type structures, many also feature large windows with lots of light.  If purchasing a loft, you should inquire about things like parking, amenities, etc, and other condo type purchase items.

Because there are so few, sometimes it’s hard to find one being actively marketed for sale.  If you are interested in purchasing a loft, then contact me and I will do a search for you.

Here are some interior images of some of the lofts offered:

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