Home Safety

What To Repair Before You List

A lot of money goes into buying a new house so it is understandable if a seller feels hesitant investing even more money to fix up their current house prior to selling. However, sellers may not realize that some of the issues they live with everyday and consider minor, such as the hallway light switch […]

amandasearlerealtor | Jun 22, 2022

Home Insurance Tips, Trends, And Issues: Get An Inventory

We have all seen coverage of wildfires, tornadoes and other natural disasters. The news coverage usually end up with homeowners asking, “Where do I start—everything is gone!” Losing a home in a fire, flood or earthquake maybe the most devastating experience a homeowner has to live through. But you can make recovery easier by preparing […]

amandasearlerealtor | May 10, 2022

How To Extend The Life Of Your Home’s Major Systems

How often do you perform maintenance on your home’s major systems and appliances? Do you know what is required to keep the systems up and running? If you are like many homeowners, you probably don’t think about these things enough. Here are a few tips categorized by season to help you extend the life of […]

amandasearlerealtor | Feb 3, 2022

Making Your Yard Safe For Your Pets

Whether you have cats or dogs — or maybe both — in your house,  you want to keep them safe, healthy and happy. And your home extends to your yard. It is important to consider the common hazards to pets outside your home and learn what you can do to make your yard safe. Following […]

amandasearlerealtor | Nov 11, 2021