New Construction

Did you know that Jacksonville is the largest city in the United States? Yep! And it’s continuing to grow. That means there are lots of new communities with new homes to choose from if that is your preference.

Advantages Of Buying A New Home

New construction isn’t an option for everyone, but there are lots of reasons to consider it:

  • New construction often means less maintenance, at least in the short term.
  • New homes come with a warranty from a builder.
  • There are lots of options and upgrades that you can do to customize the home for your preference.
  • Many new homes are built in communities with additional amenities that you may not be able to afford otherwise, such as a pool, large playground, community center, tennis courts, golf courses, etc.

Disadvantages Of Buying A New Home

There are also some disadvantages that you should consider as well:

  • Those amenities can add up. Often there are HOA and sometimes CDD fees to pay annually or monthly as well.
  • Those upgrades can add up. Be sure to keep up with what the cost of what each upgrade costs as you are making choices.
  • There are various warranties offered for various things. For instance, the builder’s warranty may last for a year on certain things and not others. Your roof warranty may be for 5 years or a year on labor but longer on materials. Be sure to clarify everything throughout the process

Other Things To Consider

You can still get an inspection. If fact you should get one prior to drywalling in. Everything has to be signed off on by the city but having your own inspector come in and take a look at the plumbing, electrical, etc. prior to drywalling is always a good idea

You should get an inspection at the end too. The builder will do a “punch list” walk through with you of small items that still need to be done. These would include small things such as touch up paint, a missing outlet cover, the landscaping may have died, etc. Your own inspector maybe able to see additional items that you and the builder missed.

Working with your own Realtor® is something to consider also. Remember the site agent works for the builder. Having someone there to look out for you and your interests can only work in your favor. You won’t get a better deal on a price either without your own Realtor®. The site agent will often be paid for both sides if there is no other Realtor® involved. Either way, that money is set aside by the builder. Please keep in mind, some builders will require your Realtor® to be with you when you initially visit the model home/office or at least, you will need to sign you Realtor in. This is often the only way your Realtor® will get paid. Here’s some more information about working with your own Realtor® to consider when buying new construction…

When buying new construction, the price is pretty fixed. You maybe able to negotiate some things, but for the most part you are paying what the builder is asking.

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