Arlington + Ft. Caroline


Arlington has some of the largest elevations in Northeast Florida which is why this area has abundant waterfront property.  The eastern border is the Intracoastal and it is surrounded by the St. Johns River on the west and north – which, historically, led to a separation so to speak from the rest of Jacksonville.

Arlington was one of the first areas in the United States visited by Europeans; it was the site of the French Fort Caroline in 1564-1565.  After the destruction of the Fort, the area was sparsely inhabited until the 19th century when sawmills and plantations were established along the river.

After the civil war, the area gave way to residential developments.

In the 1950’s the separation between Jacksonville and Arlington by the St. Johns River was finally broken by the construction of the Matthews Bridge, which leads directly from Arlington into downtown Jacksonville. This led Arlington from a semi-rural + residential area to something more suburban + less tight-knit.  Arlington could very well be remembered as Jacksonville’s first major post-war suburb built for the accommodation of the automobile.

In 1968, as part of the Jacksonville Consolidation of the city-county governments, Arlington was incorporated into the City Of Jacksonville and Duval County.  Since the 1960’s Arlington has seen even more residential development and there is an impressive array of late 19th/early 20th century building stock, including some of Jacksonville’s largest grouping of mid-century modern.

Arlington is also home to Jacksonville University and a small airfield are also located in Arlington.

Arlington boasts single family homes, riverfront, condos, and townhomes – basically most home styles.

Blue Cypress Park

Blue Cypress Park is over 100 acres of recreational parkland overlooking the St. Johns River.  The park offers trails for running and biking, picnic areas, a fishing pier, community center, playground, water access, and much more.  It’s a great spot to visit for a relaxing day outside.

Reddie Point Preserve

Reddie Point Preserve can be easy to miss.  It’s located right off of University Blvd in Arlington.  In November 2002, the 102 acres that make up Reddie Point Preserve were purchased by the City of Jacksonville.  The preserve is worth visiting and is a great amenity for the residents of Arlington as well as the rest of Jacksonville.  The park offers a fishing pier with floating docks, picnic pavilions, observation areas, a multi-use play field, and 1.5 miles of hiking trails.


The Fort Caroline area of Jacksonville is named for the Fort that is on it’s northeastern tip.  It’s comprised of several neighborhoods and communities and is a very popular residential area known for it’s picturesque landscapes and oak trees covered in Spanish moss.

Fort Caroline National Memorial overlooks the site of a former colony of French Huguenots who were run out by the Spanish who conquered St. Augustine.  Today, the Fort Caroline National Memorial is included in the Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve. In addition to the fort replica at the memorial, there are also miles of trails and the Timucuan Preserve Visitor Center.


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