How To Stage A Home For Top Dollar

How to Stage a House that Buyers will Love

Staging your home may seem like something you don’t have to do, but you really cannot get as much out of the home without staging it. A staged home will look and feel more attractive to buyers. This means, they are more likely to make a higher offer. Here are some of the best tips you can use when staging your home.

Clean, Clean and Clean Some More

Grimy bathroom walls, gross shower doors and any type of dirt found throughout the house is a huge turn off. Before you get into the actual staging of your home do a thorough cleaning. Many professional cleaning services will provide a very thorough cleaning of your home, if you don’t want to do this yourself.

Create Amazing Curb Appeal

The first thing your potential buyers will see is the outside of the home. The right landscaping and staging outside can make a huge difference. Get rid of any clutter, paint the front door and plant flowers, where necessary.

Tidy Up the Foyer

After buyers see the front of the house the foyer is the next area they will see. It will provide the second impression and you want to make sure all coats are on racks, keys are put away, shoes are hidden and the area looks very organized. Adding a vase of flowers on a table can also make a nice impression in the foyer.

Eliminate the Unnecessary

When staging your home, you should use the one-quarter to one-half rule. This rule states that about one-quarter of your furniture can be put in storage, about one-third of your box can go into boxes and at least one-half of any knickknacks you have can also be packed away.

You don’t want to have full closets and cabinets as buyers are checking out your home. Instead, rent a storage space and remove any unnecessary items.

Make the Master Appeal to Both Men and Women

When you stage the master bedroom, you want to make it appeal to both women and men. If the colors are too gender-specific, it may turn off one gender. Use a neutral color for the walls and choose matching bedding. You can also add accessories to compliment the overall look.

Stain or Paint the Kitchen Cabinets

Replacing the kitchen cabinets may be very expensive. However, you can stain or paint them for far less. This can help give you the up-to-date look you need to really get top dollar for your home.

Intended Purpose Only

When you stage each room of the home, set it up for the intended purpose only. Don’t set up exercise equipment in the guest bedroom or a home office in the dining area. Stage the home as each room was designed to be used.

Eliminate your Personality

As hard as it might be, you should eliminate your own personality from the home. Whether this means eliminating your collectibles or it means taking down personal photos, you want to remove any personal items. You can leave any nondescript art, but make sure it’s not offensive in any way.

Using these specific tips will help you better stage your home for sale. With the right staging, you may just start a bidding war and sell your home for above the asking price.