How To Deep Clean These 3 Major Home Appliances

During spring cleaning, we love to make sure that everything is spotless and in tip-top shape in time for summer. To ensure the best results for your spring cleaning routine, you should take the time to deep clean the appliances that get the most use. 

Check out these easy tips that show you how to deep clean various appliances throughout your home. Happy spring cleaning!


The process to clean your dishwasher is easy and doesn’t require any special tools.

Step 1. Clear the dishwasher’s drain. Take out the bottom dish rack. Examine the dishwasher drain and ensure that nothing is inside to prevent it from draining correctly, such as old food. By performing this step, you will increase the cleaning efficiency of your dishwasher and prevent future dishwasher issues from emerging.

Step 2. Start with an empty dishwasher and place a cup of white vinegar in a container on the upper rack. Run the dishwasher through a hot-water cycle. By washing the dishwasher with vinegar, you will remove any stuck on food and remove any stuck-on odors.

Step 3. Wash the dishwasher using baking soda. Sprinkle one cup of baking soda across the bottom of the dishwasher, then run the shortest hot-water cycle that you can. This will make the dishwasher stain-free and ready for another load of dishes to clean!


Cleaning your refrigerator is vital during spring cleaning because it houses all of your food year-round. It isn’t as time consuming as you might think.

Step 1. Clean the exterior. Clean the outside of the refrigerator doors since they may collect dirt and fingerprints from being opened constantly. Clean the door seals where crumbs often collect. Do this by gently rubbing with hot water and a mild cleanser, then dry.

Step 2. Clean the shelves and interior components of the fridge with a baking soda and hot water solution. This will also keep your food safe from scents that linger when you use a soap to clean. Rinse with a hot towel and towel dry afterwards.

Step 3. To keep your fridge from smelling, put some coffee grinds inside the refrigerator. Their scent will soon fade as well.


Are you looking to clean those stubborn foods and stains off of your stove burners without putting in the extra elbow grease? There’s an easy solution for this.

Step 1. Place the burners inside a Ziploc bag.

Step 2. Add a ¼ cup of ammonia.

Step 3. Leave them there overnight and the next day, gently wipe them clean with a sponge.

Step 4. Clean the surface of the stove with degreaser to lift those stubborn stuck on food spills and make your stove shiny, bright and renewed.

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