August Is Property Tax Assessment Month

Every August the city’s Property Tax Assessor sends out an estimate of your home’s value and your proposed property taxes that will be due in November based on the assessed value. If you don’t agree with the assessed value you have the right to appeal:

  • The property appraiser’s assessment of your property’s value.
  • A denial of your application for an exemption, such as homestead, veterans, or senior citizen.
  • A denial of your application for property classification, such as agricultural or historic.
  • A denial of your application for tax deferral.
  • A determination that a change of ownership, a change of ownership or control, or a qualifying improvement has occurred.

If you disagree with the property appraiser’s assessment, you can discuss the assessment with the property appraiser’s office, file a petition with the county value adjustment board (VAB) to appeal the property appraiser’s assessment, or both. You can also file a lawsuit in circuit court to challenge the property appraiser’s assessment or the VAB’s decision.

Please note that the options below are taxpayer rights authorized by section 194.011(2), F.S., and none of the options is a prerequisite for the others.

Learn more about Florida’s property tax process, important dates, how to calculate your property tax, and other helpful information on the Department’s Property Tax Information for Taxpayers webpage.