10 Home Inspection Items That You Cannot Ignore

Warning: 10 Home Inspection Items that You Cannot Ignore

During the home buying process, you will have the opportunity to have a home inspection done. This is an important part of the process and cannot be ignored. Here’s our list of 10 home inspection items you simply cannot ignore.

The Buyer is Responsible for the Inspection

Many new homebuyers will go into the process not realizing they are responsible for the home inspection. You have to decide you want the inspection and you have to hire a home inspector to have it done.

Some sellers will have already done a home inspection before listing the property, however. You will have to decide whether to trust that inspection or have your own completed. You will also be responsible for paying for the home inspection, in most cases.

Home Inspections are Optional

Without working in the real estate industry, it’s easy to assume a home inspection is a required part of the transaction. However, they are completely optional and the buyer bears the responsibility of deciding what inspections are done.

Inspections are a great idea, in most situations, and they may be required by your mortgage lender. The only time an inspection may not be necessary is with a condominium with most of the home maintenance covered by the association.

You Have a Right to Attend the Inspection

You don’t have to sit on the sidelines and just wait for the home inspection to be completed. Instead, you can attend the property inspection, see what the inspector sees and really get a thorough look at the issues present within the home.

Of course, you do need to respect the time of the home inspector and let them do their job. Keep your questions brief and don’t fixate on the smaller details. You should also keep in mind that the inspector won’t be making any repairs to the home. Their job is simply to identify the issues, not fix them.

Get a Copy of the Inspection Report

After the home inspector has walked the property, they will put together an official home inspection report. This report will give you a rundown of everything the inspector found. It should even include pictures of any damaged areas.

Your real estate agent will automatically get a copy of the report, but it’s a good idea to have one sent to you, as well. You want to make two copies of the report: one for now and one for your own legal records, just in case.

Other home inspection items you don’t want to ignore include:

  • Negotiating repairs after an inspection
  • Walking away after an inspection
  • Gathering paperwork from any completed repairs
  • What the home inspection will cover
  • What the home inspection won’t cover
  • Making sure the inspection is certified

Getting a home inspection done is a great way to learn about the things you cannot see within the home. After the inspection, you will be able to better negotiate with the seller or you can step away from the deal, if you feel it’s necessary. Your real estate agent will help advise you on your options once the inspection has been completed.

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