How To Measure For New Window Treatments

How to dress your windows is an age-old question when it comes to decorating a house. Do you want something that blocks the light and gives you privacy? Should it be decorative? Or can you strike a balance between form and function? Before buying anything, you need to know how to measure your windows correctly for various window treatments. Here are tips to get you started.

Inside-mount blinds and shades

Some blinds and roller shades are mounted inside the window trim. Before installation, measure the width of your window inside the frame at the top, middle and bottom of the window and round down to the nearest eighth of an inch. You don’t need to worry about allowances for the hardware; the manufacturer accounts for that.

Outside-mount blinds

If you want to mount your blinds outside the window frame, measure from the points where you want the shade or blinds to hang. It’s recommended that the blinds overlap your window frame by one-and-a-half inches. This makes for a less sturdy and less attractive treatment, but it means the blinds cover the window completely.

Curtain length

To install curtains, you need to determine how high you want to hang your curtain rod and how far you would like the curtains to hang. That will depend on your window size. For instance, if you want your curtains to hang to the floor, measure from where you will install the rod to the floor and select the appropriate size curtain.

Prepackaged or custom?

There are additional considerations for window treatments. You can find in-stock blinds and shades at any big-box store, but some people prefer custom options. There is more flexibility in size, color and style if you choose custom over prepackaged designs.

What kind of window treatments do you imagine in your new home? 

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