Rooms That Do It All: Multifunction Indoor Home Spaces

The first thing to determine is whether the room will be primarily used for socializing, relaxing, working or dining. Then determine its secondary purpose. Is it a place to do work or homework? Is it a space for family entertainment or a room for overnight guests? If a room is large enough, you can dedicate separate parts of the room for specific activities. Folding room dividers or decorative privacy screens work well in these spaces. But what should you do with smaller rooms that need to do double duty? Check out the following decorating ideas to find a solution that works for your home.

Mix and match

Again, the key to creating multipurpose rooms is to first consider the main function of the targeted room. Then think about how the room can serve another purpose given its existing features, such as the plumbing, flooring or lighting.

A home office can also double as a guest room. Both are rooms that require privacy and quiet. Here, choose the flexibility of a sofa bed. The bed feature can be pulled out when the space is needed as a guest room, and the sofa can remain closed when it is used as office seating.

Separate dining rooms may not be used much except on special occasions. Think about carving out space within the room for a home office, playroom, den or a place to do crafts/hobbies. Look for furniture that is small in scale so you do not overwhelm the space.

Furniture with hidden storage can help enable multiple uses for a room. An ottoman cube can function as a footrest, a coffee table or an occasional seat. Some ottomans have lids that lift off, offering additional storage for small toys or video game equipment. Lift-top storage tables are excellent in living rooms, as they can offer a place for kids to do homework. They also provide a place for eating snacks when people are watching TV.

A guest room or spare bedroom can also double as a home gym when the space is not in use, affording the benefit of not having to travel anywhere to work out. Furnish the room with the basics, such as free weights, a treadmill, protective floor mats and a TV.

Interested in maximizing the space in your home for multiple purposes? Contact me and I can help you through the process.

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