Fall Home Check List For Florida Home Owners

September is a great month to spend some time going over some items in your home and making sure that they are functioning correctly and that you are properly maintaining them. Here’s a list of some items to check on:

  1. Clean Out Your Gutters: If you have gutters then you probably know that they can get clogged with leaves and other debris. Take some time to clean them out now. If you have a lot of trees around your home then installing some gutter guards may even be a good idea.
  2. Change Out Your Air Filters: You should be doing this every 30 days, but in case you’ve forgotten lately, go ahead and get them changed out now. There are also companies that will ship you new filters every 30 days if you sign up for their service. This is a great idea if you are forgetful and it saves a trip to the hardware store.
  3. Have Your HVAC System Serviced: Since you are going to change out the filters, this is also a great time to have your HVAC system serviced by your AC company. Having your system serviced once/year is a great way to extend the life and prevent possible expensive problems down the road.
  4. Seal Any Cracks Around Your Windows And Doors: Over time the seals around our doors and windows can crack making your home less efficient. Examine each one and repair with calk and window stripping where necessary.
  5. Replace Your Outside Bulbs With LED’s: Because there is less daylight during the Fall and Winter months, your outside lights will be on longer. Buying energy saving bulbs will save you money on your electric bill. LED’s are brighter and run cooler compared to their counterparts
  6. Reverse Your Ceiling Fans: If your fans have a reverse switch, then now is the time to run the blades clockwise which pushes warm air down into your room. This also makes your home more efficient and will save more money on electrical bills.
  7. Check Your Roof: This is a great time to inspect your roof and replace any cracked or missing shingles.
  8. Clean Your Dryer Vent: Lint can build up in your dryer vent which raises the risk of fire and makes your dryer run less efficiently. Considering hiring a professional to clean it out – especially if it vents out of the roof.
  9. Divert Water From Your Gutters: If you don’t have extensions on your storm drains, then go ahead and add some so that the run off from your gutters is diverted 3-4 feet from your home to prevent foundation damage. If you have existing ones, go ahead and check to make sure there aren’t any cracks and they are in good shape.
  10. Check Your Disaster Supply Kit: Make sure your supplies are updated and fresh for next year’s hurricane season.
  11. Check Your Attic: Make sure that your insulation is in good shape and still installed correctly. Over time it wears down which means it needs to be replaced.
  12. Have Your Water Heater Serviced And Check For Any Leaking Pipes: Hire a professional to inspect your plumbing system. This can save a big, expensive headache, especially as we head into cooler temperatures. If you have a septic tank then have it serviced as well.
  13. Double Check Your Safety Devices: Check all of your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide monitors (if you have them) to make sure they all have fresh batteries. There is usually a test button on the device.
  14. Do you have fire extinguishers? You should. Make sure they are within easy reach and easy to find.
  15. Wash And Service Your Appliances: As we approach the holidays, check out all of your appliances and make sure they are running their best and have them serviced if you find any issues. This is also a great time to do a deep clean on all of your appliances, which we all know can use it 🙂
  16. Inspect Your Electrical Cords: Electrical cords can get work out and frayed over time so check them and make sure they are all in good shape and not wearing out.
  17. Replace And Repair Worn Or Rotted Siding: If you have any wood siding on your home it will rot over time in our humid, wet Florida climate. Examine the siding and replace any that is rotting then have it painted over to seal the siding back up. It is also a great time to have your home pressure washed, whether you have wood siding or not.
  18. Have Your Carpet Any Cloth Furniture Professionally Cleaned: As the weather gets cooler we all spend more time inside. Hire a professional to clean your sofas, chairs, and carpets to make sure they are free of dirt and allergens.
  19. Clean Your Grill: You should clean your grill after each use but they can all use a deep clean once/year to prevent grease build up which can attract rodents and other pests.
  20. Mow Any Leaves In Your Yard: Instead of raking up the leaves in your yard, use your mower to grind them up. This will break down over the cooler season and nourish your grass.
  21. Check On Your Outside Plants: Some plants get pruned in the Fall. Your local Extension Office is a great resource to help out identifying which plants in your yard need this and the proper way to prune them.