The Atomic Revolution: Midcentury Modern Design On A Budget

Midcentury modern design is having a renaissance. The design concept, which came out of California in the 1950s and ’60s, is known for clean lines and contrasting colors. MCM was a limited trend that many Americans didn’t embrace. But today, there are countless online groups dedicated to collecting MCM furniture and accessories to recreate the design in their homes. Some classic pieces can be costly. So if you like MCM, how can you have the look in your home without breaking the bank? Here are some ideas.

Know the characteristics

You can find some deals on MCM furniture and accessories if you know what you’re looking for. Bold geometric patterns and low-slung design are the hallmarks of the era. The furniture often has minimal ornamentation with sleek metal accents.

Mix old and new

No rule says everything in your MCM-inspired room needs to be original. You can mix old and new pieces. Chairs and sofas tend to be the big-ticket items, so pick modern chairs and sofas that will blend seamlessly with a few older pieces.

Visit thrift stores and flea markets

If you’re willing to do a little extra work to make furniture or accessories shine again, consider thrifting. Flea markets and secondhand stores will sometimes have older pieces that aren’t in great shape. A coat of paint or sanding and refinishing can restore something enough to match your design.

Choose bold patterns and colors

MCM comes from a time when plastic and vinyl were newly available, making bright colors and sharp prints possible for furniture and wall coverings. Red, orange, turquoise, pink and green were all popular colors in the era. There are plenty of reproductions of classic MCM patterns available today.

Fall in love with one vintage piece

If you want a touch of MCM in your room, feel free to fall in love with one statement piece. This can be furniture, a painting, accessories or even curtains. Whatever makes you happy will be the perfect addition to your design.

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