Space Saving Tips For Your Kitchen

A kitchen can quickly become cluttered, especially if you don’t have adequate storage space. But space can be hard to come across in a kitchen, even if you have a large kitchen.

So, in what ways can you save space while utilizing all the nooks and crannies of your kitchen? Here are five space-saving ideas that can keep you organized:

Use vertical space

When in doubt, opt for vertical storage instead of choosing from horizontal options. Install shelves on an empty wall; use the top of the cabinets for even more storage solutions. Place storage containers on top of your refrigerator to use as much space as possible.  

Utilize the backs of cabinet doors

An excellent kitchen hack is to store items on the backs of your cabinet doors. Open the cabinets where you keep your pots and pans. On the inner side of the doors, install hooks that you can then use to hang the lids of your pots and pans.

Make use of an upper cabinet door to place a functional spice rack as well. Last but not least, consider installing a magnetic strip that you can use to hang knives and utensils.

Invest in drawer and cabinet organizers

Nothing is worse than digging through a cluttered drawer for minutes on end as you search for the one specific utensil you need. Drawer organizers can help you keep similar items together or ensure that certain utensils are always in the same place. You can also maximize your cabinet space by using tiered organizers to store plates or bowls of different sizes without having to stack them.

Use a Lazy Susan

Do you have a corner cabinet that can be hard to reach into? A Lazy Susan can help you solve that problem. Some cabinet-specific accessories can work well for this purpose. More specifically, you can buy the right size Lazy Susan and easily set it up yourself.

Hang items under the cabinets

Don’t forget about the space under your upper cabinets. The empty room below your cabinets can be a great place to hang a spice rack, decorative mugs, utensils or other items you need to store somewhere.

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