Holiday Shopping In Jacksonville

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! Now the dreaded holiday shopping. I really hate shopping but I do think one of the best things about the holidays is buying gifts from local businesses and makers and sharing them with friends and family.  So, here’s some places that I always find great stuff at:

There’s two places in Riverside Avondale that I really like.

  1. The first is the Riverside Arts Market, also known body as RAM. Every Saturday from 10-3, artists, makers, small businesses, and farmers come out to sell their goods. There’s also some great food trucks, performers, and live music. It’s located right on the water so you can enjoy lunch and the River. 
  2. The other store I love is called Cultivate. They feature home goods, body products like lotions etc. they have some mens stuff too, books, kitchen items, craft items, plants, and a great kids section. They focus on eco-friendly and healthy live type stuff. All unique and many of their products are made locally too. 

For the holidays, in downtown, you’ve gotta go to Sweet Pete’s, If you’ve never been, any time of the year is quite the experience but during the holidays it’s even more over the top.  Think like a Willy Wonka explosion.  It’s located in a 3 story historic building and every floor is spectacular. The decorations and candies are all delicious. There’s also a section for old school candy you thought you’d never see again and a visitor area where you can watch them making candy. In addition, there’s an ice cream shop and restaurant and bar.  Anything from here would make a great gift or stocking stuffer. They have vegan items too. Be sure to get some of their signature caramels.

If you’re interested in San Marco Square then there’s a ton of local shopping there. My favorite spot is the San Marco Book Store. If you’ve got anyone on your list who loves reading then this is a great place to go shopping for them. They’ve also got a beautiful selection of greeting cards and a section on Jax history, which is way more interesting than you might think.

If you’re in Springfield then there’s really only one spot for eclectic gift purchases and that’s Bobby K’s. I can’t even make a proper list of everything in there. There’s clothes, jewelry, candles, bags, socks, art, drinkware – just a ton of funny, and smart stuff that makes great gifts for someone with a great sense of humor or great sense of style.

Ok, then the big outdoor mall, St Johns Town Center has to be mentioned. I know some folks on your list probably like more traditional gifts, and the town center is the place to go. It’s a huge outdoor mall with anything from Target, to Banana Republic, to Louis Vuitton, to Tesla – yes there’s a Tesla store there. There’s also a ton of places to eat including Maggiano’s and Cantina Laredo. We love happy hour at Cantina Laredo. We always start with a mango margarita with a sugar rim! So good!

If you’ve you got a plant lover on your list, then check out The Spruce at Jax Beach. Basically, they’ve got anything plant related. Fancy pots, fancy soil, books, and of course gorgeous plants, and a ton more.  They also serve beer and wine so you can REALLY relax while you shop. They’ve got workshops that your plant lover may like too.

There’s one more makers market that’s worth a stop back in town and that’s the Pop Up Market in Murray Hill.  It’s every second Saturday from 10am-3pm and the address is 4208 Kingsbury.

One more spot! Iif you’ve got a dog or a dog lover on your list, then stop by BARK. It’s a great pet boutique with all kinds of treats and toys and tons more.

I hope you’re having a great holiday so far and I hope this gives you some great ideas and new places to explore and support!

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