Great Places to Run in Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville offers LOTS of great places for running enthusiasts. Whether you prefer scenic routes along the beach, peaceful trails through nature preserves, or urban paths through the city, there are options for runners of all levels. Here are some popular places to go for a run in Jacksonville:

  1. Jacksonville Beach: The wide sandy beaches provide an excellent surface for running with ocean views. Running along the shoreline at sunrise or sunset is a favorite among locals.
  2. Hanna Park: Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park features miles of trails, both paved and unpaved, as well as a freshwater lake. The park offers a variety of terrain and scenery for runners.
  3. Riverside/Avondale: These historic neighborhoods offer tree-lined streets and beautiful homes to admire while you run. The St. Johns River provides a picturesque backdrop.
  4. St. Johns Riverwalk: This scenic riverfront path runs along the St. Johns River and offers stunning views of downtown Jacksonville. It’s a popular spot for runners and cyclists.
  5. Tillie K. Fowler Regional Park: Located on the west side of Jacksonville, this park features several trails through pine forests and wetlands. The paths are relatively flat and great for trail running.
  6. UNF Nature Trails: The University of North Florida has a network of nature trails that provide a peaceful and natural setting for running. These trails are well-maintained and offer different levels of difficulty.
  7. Treaty Oak Park: This historic park in downtown Jacksonville features a massive Southern live oak tree that’s over 250 years old. The surrounding park area is great for short runs and picnics.
  8. Black Creek Ravines Conservation Area: Located just outside of Jacksonville, this conservation area offers miles of trails through a diverse natural landscape, including forests, wetlands, and ravines.
  9. Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail: This converted rail trail stretches for 14.5 miles from Jacksonville to Baldwin and is perfect for long-distance runners. It features a flat, paved surface.
  10. The Riverwalk at Friendship Fountain: Enjoy a run along the Southbank Riverwalk with scenic river views, sculptures, and parks along the way. Friendship Fountain is a popular landmark in the area.

There are lots of other trails and routes to take, these are just some of the most popular. Remember to check the current conditions and any park regulations before heading out for your run. Also, consider the weather, as Jacksonville can be quite hot and humid during the summer months, so it’s advisable to run in the morning or evening to avoid the heat.

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