Getting Your Home Ready For A Home Inspection

So you got your home under contract! Congrats – that’s great! So what’s the next step is always the first question that I hear from sellers. It’s the home inspection! Be sure that you are ready for the inspector. You probably did a lot of prep work to get your home on the market but double check these items that could come up on a report:

  1. If the home is empty, make sure your utilities are on including gas if you have it
  2. Make sure the electrical sockets, light fixtures, switches, and fans work. Check that all of your lights have working bulbs.
  3. Confirm smoke and carbon monoxide sensors work
  4. Check that faucets and toilets work properly and aren’t leaking. Make sure your toilet is bolted down – this comes up often.
  5. Make sure all of your windows open and close and the latches work. Make sure all of your doors open and close and that those handles and locks are also operating correctly.
  6. Clean the appliances inside and out. Pay attention to the inside of the oven so the smoke alarm doesn’t go off when it’s turned on
  7. Clear obstructions around HVAC components, water heaters, attic access, and crawl space access if you have one. Change your air filter.
  8. Leave keys for outbuildings, sheds, and electrical boxes
  9. Remove brush and debris from exterior inspection points
  10. Gather documentation for renovations and repairs that you have made and leave copies on the kitchen counter for the inspector
  11. If there is a septic tank and well, provide a sketch of where it is on the property
  12. Plan to be away from the house for 3 hours minimum

These items may seem small but they come up all the time and it’s better to have less on the report especially if there are items that you could have taken care of in advance.

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