Fun Home Gadgets

From pet cameras and surround sound systems to robot vacuums and smart speakers, there is a high-tech version of nearly every home gadget out there. Let’s take a look at three fun home tech gadgets that can make living in your space a little easier thanks to the advancements made possible by technology. 

LED smart mirrors with dimmable features 

A smart mirror appears to be a regular mirror at first glance, but if you take a closer look, you’ll find that a smart mirror is far more advanced. For starters, smart mirrors typically have a digital display that shows the date, the time, the weather, and various other details about where you live. 

Additionally, some smart mirrors will connect to news sources and social media platforms, allowing the mirrors to update you and send notifications about situations as they unfold. And that’s only the beginning. Essentially, smart mirrors are a two-in-one mirror and computer duo. 

While smart mirrors are impressive, smart mirrors with built-in LED lighting are even more intriguing, especially when you have the power to control how bright the lights are at any given moment. Getting ready in the morning has never been easier with the help of an LED-backed smart mirror. 

Upgrade your home by buying an LED smart mirror.

Sanitizing devices that utilize the power of UV rays

Sanitizing devices are the perfect way to combat germs that you encounter while you’re out and about, and the pandemic opened our eyes to a lot of health concerns that we were not actively aware of prior to 2020. For instance, many people started washing their hands a lot more often than they used to, as the pandemic taught them the importance of frequently using soap to kill bacteria. 

Similarly, people were buying phone-sanitizing devices that they would place their smartphones inside of after being away from home in a public setting. This high-tech gadget is similar to phone-sanitizing devices, but instead of only tackling the bacteria and potential viruses that accumulate on phones, a UV wand has the power to sanitize any surface. 

If you worry that your current at-home sanitizing practices aren’t doing the job well enough, consider making the switch to a high-tech sanitizing wand that combats bacteria with the help of UV lighting. 

Keepyour household happy and healthy with the help of a UV-ray sanitizing device.

Door locks that connect to Wi-Fi with ease 

Safety is a priority for everyone, especially when it comes to being safe in our own homes. We lock our doors, set up security systems, keep our blinds closed, and implement various other safety measures. But as technology advances, so do our options when it comes to staying safe at home. 

For instance, you can now purchase a smart door lock that is equipped with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. As such, it can be controlled from a distance via an app. Plus, smart home door locks often make it possible for you to open the door without touching the lock at all. 

Technology has also resulted in locks with sensors, meaning all you have to do is walk up to your door and it will unlock itself for you. Rather than simply relying on traditional door locks that you have to insert a key into and manually lock, you can now equip your house with high-tech door locks. 

Protect your family with Wi-Fi smart locks.

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