Are Black Design Accents the Next Thing?

Black elements can have an impact on your decor when planned out and used wisely. If you don’t want a total  renovation, you can give your space a new look with a fresh coat of paint.    Use an arresting accent color like black.

Consider black for floors, furniture, accent pieces and walls. You also can incorporate black into your décor in  subtle and classic ways. Mix black or dark-toned wood with more rustic wood finishes and tonality to avoid feeling too constricted in the space..

Adding black metal elements via light fixtures and chairs can be  a sleek look. Using black sconces to frame artwork and black in windows and doors paired with neutral and warm-hues will achieve a balance in your color palette. Black can be harsh, so combined with soft textures like linens and rugs will  balance the overall feeling of a space.

Black windows work well when the landscape outside the windows brings in green natural elements to contrast with the frame created by the black window. Make sure you have enough natural light: choose sheer curtains for your windows and consider installing glass panel doors to optimize the amount of light you bring into the space.

Black can add depth and an edgy feel to any minimalistic or contemporary design. Avant-basic is reminiscent of fashion in the 1960s and 70s where bold color and pattern reigned supreme.

Use eclectic pieces in a variety of patterns and vibrant colors, like bright ceramic vases, patterned throw pillows and gem-toned accent chairs. Make  it not only simple but affordable to dabble in black.

With people spending more time inside their homes, they are craving color, layers, textures, patinas and material mixes. Consider black-painted furniture in home decor like the TV cabinet in a living room: a free-standing piece with lots of light color around it so it holds its own well.

There are some negatives about using black paint. It can make a room look smaller, especially a kitchen, and food and dust may show up more easily. Consider how and when you use a given room before making a decorating decision.

Take a long view

It’s important to think about how your spaces make you feel, how it smells and sounds, functions and looks. People are looking toward details like pleats, scallops and tailoring, moving away from spaces that are entirely gray and white, devoid of any personality—that feels cold and impersonal. Instead, spaces reflect the quirks and passions of their owners. Bring on some color and pattern, creating vibrant, interesting, inspiring spaces to live in.

In a world that’s going virtual, the importance of real, genuine spaces is drawn into sharper relief. There’s no true replacement for the real thing. Black is an eye-catching color,  used in key elements it is incredibly versatile and effective. You can amp up the contrast with your paler palette.

Black brings a boldness that will keep your space from looking washed out. Black interiors have a balance of simplicity and drama that  give a home a sophisticated edge. A home should reflect the people inhabiting the spaces.  It should tell a story.

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