Garage Storage Enhancement

Whether you use your garage to store your cars or your golf clubs, you know that storage space is always at a premium. When clutter gets out of hand, a garage can become nothing more than an overgrown storage unit. Before this happens, try the following storage tips that can help you use the space in your garage even more efficiently.

Install shelves

Shelving is the single best way to increase your storage space. It’s up to you to decide the form these will take. Wooden shelves, built-in shelves, wire shelves or plastic shelves are all possibilities. Evaluate the space you have and the best way to add shelving to improve your storage capacity.

Utilize vertical space

Even if you don’t park your cars in the garage (but especially if you do), it’s important to take advantage of vertical space. Use the upper walls for cabinets or shelves. Use overhead storage suspended from the ceiling of the garage to increase your ability to store the items you don’t use every day but need to have on hand.

Hang tools on racks

Long garden or outdoor tools can be a huge pain to store. They don’t stack easily, and they don’t fit on shelves or inside cabinets. They’re just unwieldy. But they’re also essential, especially if you live in an area where snow is common. You can store your shovels and other long-handled garden tools on racks along your walls. You can buy hooks designed for the task or install long boxes or gates that will hold your tools out of the way.

Organize trash and recycling

Some cities make it easy to recycle, whereas others do not. But if you want to work on your carbon footprint, recycling is one way to get started. If you need to sort your recyclables to be able to take them to a center once a week or once a month, install bins labeled for each item: glass, cardboard, aluminum and whatever else you’re able to recycle in your community.

Use storage bins

Unlike the rest of your house, your garage likely isn’t climate controlled. That may mean some of your items need additional protection from the elements. Storage boxes can help and also will keep your garage from looking or becoming too cluttered. If you store items in boxes and label them properly, you can prevent clutter from taking over.

If an organized garage is on your wish list, call me today.

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