Market Update for Intown Jacksonville

San Marco The absorption rate is down 10% and which has helped keep values steady. The median sale price to date this year is $229,000. Avondale Generally this market holds up pretty well.  The absorption rate is down 17% this year over last which has pushed values up 7%. The average sales price is currently … Continue reading Market Update for Intown Jacksonville


Intown Holiday Shopping

With the advent of days like Small Business Saturday, many people are making more of an effort to support their local economy. Shopping local also means supporting your friends, family and neighbors. Not only does shopping local help the people you know, trust and love, but you’re also able to branch out and meet new … Continue reading Intown Holiday Shopping

It’s a Wonderful Neighborhood

In case you've missed the plethora of holiday decorations already out in stores, or any of the numerous commercials, the holidays are just around the corner! Turkey Day is in less than 10 days and, before you know it, the rest of the holidays will already be spinning your Dreidel or climbing down your chimney. What … Continue reading It’s a Wonderful Neighborhood

Rent vs. Buy — What’s Best for You

"Should I buy a house or just rent?" That's a question that has been around for a long time and will likely remain a hot topic for many years yet to come. The reason there will never be one right answer is because the housing market is constantly changing and evolving just as we do. … Continue reading Rent vs. Buy — What’s Best for You

How To: Keep Your Wood Floors Beautiful

One of the most popular home upgrades buyers and homeowners look for is wood flooring. As beautiful as they are, if not maintained they can be a very large expense. Having to either take the extra time to refinish wood floors personally or to spend significantly more money (sometimes several thousand dollars) to hire a … Continue reading How To: Keep Your Wood Floors Beautiful

Make it Happen! Summer 2013

Saturday, July 27 marks the 5th annual “Make it Happen” neighborhood event, to help transform part of Springfield’s Dancy Terrace. The event starts at 9 a.m. and is located on the 10th St. side of Dancy Terrace. There will be signs to help you find your way. Preservation S.O.S. (PSOS) maintains court grounds monthly and keeps … Continue reading Make it Happen! Summer 2013

Don’t Let Yourself be a Victim of Copper Theft.

Jacksonville is the largest city by area in the contiguous United States. This means Jacksonville is also grounds for a lot of real estate and empty homes. Between the many foreclosures and short sales, there has been a continuous growth in copper theft, especially from a.c. units. While this may be prominent in unoccupied homes, … Continue reading Don’t Let Yourself be a Victim of Copper Theft.