How to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays When You are Trying to Sell

Selling your home during the holidays doesn’t have to be a hassle or impossible. With the right real estate agent and the right decorating tips, you can enjoy the holidays and still show your home to potential buyers. Here are some great decorating tips you can use when you are trying to sell your home, but you still want to decorate for the holidays.

Don’t Go Crazy on the Outside

If you traditionally fill your yard with decorations, you will want to keep it to a minimum when you are selling your home. You can still decorate the outside, but avoid musical, animated or twinkling characters or lights. This isn’t the year to compete for the largest lighting display in the neighborhood.

Keep Decorations in Line with the Style of Your Home

A modern home should be decorated in a modern theme for the holidays. If you live at the beach, you want to keep the holiday decorations in line with your beach house. No matter the style of home from historic to modern, you should match the home style with your decorations to entice potential buyers.

Seasonal Greenery is a Great Choice

There’s nothing better than a fresh wreath on the door or some pine garlands across the

christmas decoration door winter
Use fresh seasonal greenery when decorating

mantel. Seasonal greenery not only adds a touch of class to your decor, but it will also add a fresh smell to the home.

Keep the Tree Simple 

Maybe you pack your tree with every ornament you have collected over the past 20 years. This year, you want to keep the ornaments to a minimum and keep it simple. You will also want to clean up around the tree and make sure the pine needles are removed from the floor. Avoid using tinsel, as well.

Avoid Eating Up Too Much Floor Space 

box celebrate celebration christmas
Don’t over decorate when your home is for sale

The floor space in your home needs to be shown to prospective buyers when you are selling. If you use too many decorations or you get a huge tree, it may cause your home to appear smaller.

No More than One Candle Per Window

Some homeowners have a habit of going overboard when they decorate for the holidays. This is perfectly fine if you are not selling your home. However, when you are selling, you have to pare down everything, including the candles in the windows. A good rule of thumb is to only put one candle in each window and no more.

Avoid Displaying Anything Religious

Regardless of your beliefs, you don’t want to display religious decorations when trying to sell your home. Manger scenes, nutcrackers and menorahs may distract your buyers. You can keep them up when nobody will be looking at the home, but be prepared to pack and store them before an open house or a showing.

Along with these specific tips for decorating during the holidays when you are trying to sell your home, you want to make sure you still use staging and pay attention to curb appeal. Staging and curb appeal are always important when selling a home and they remain at the top of the list, even during the holidays.

If you’re in doubt about what qualifies as an acceptable holiday decoration and what should be left in storage until next year, ask your real estate agent. They will be able to guide you in the right direction as you navigate the process of selling your home during the holiday season.


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