When you are about to list your home for sale on the market, you have to make time for all of the preparations before the open house process begins. There are certain steps you always need to take before selling a home, such as removing your personal photos and making some updates to the home, but for many, it’s just as important to take some safety precautions.

Once you’ve prepped the home for selling, consider taking a few precautions to make sure the selling of your home goes smoothly and safely. Take a look at the best ways to stay safe when you sell your home.
How to prepare your home

The first steps in preparing for selling your home is the steps you would take whether you are selling the home or a realtor is selling it. This would include tasks such as:
• Deep cleaning the home
• Updating the interior with a fresh coat of paint in a neutral tone
• Updating carpeted floors to hard floors
• Increasing your curb appeal with new plants, fresh paint, and a manicured lawn
• Repairing items after the home inspection reports any issues

When it’s time for showing the home, you’ll need to take additional steps to prepare for the open house. You’ll want to remove any children’s toys, dog items, and vehicles from the front of the home. Be sure to hide your garbage cans on the exterior and remove any trash from the interior. Remove toiletries from the bathrooms, personal documents from the home, and any family heirlooms.

How to make your home safer

Once you’ve prepared your home for the selling process, you’ll want to be very aware of you and your family’s safety during this process. Unfortunately, you can’t get around the fact that strangers will need to come into your home to tour it for the potential of purchase.

You’ll have your home on display for viewings on a regular basis which means your

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Open houses are easy targets for thieves

personal style, belongings, and the house you’ve made a home will be put on display. Because of this situation, you need to make sure you are protecting the privacy of your personal information, your personal photos, your expensive belongings, and even your family’s personal items like medicine and documents.

Since open houses are an easy target for criminals, it’s more important than ever to make sure you are keeping any important items out of sight and possibly even out of the home during this process. Your home is not only going to be toured, but it’s going to be photographed. Having expensive valuables or family photos on display could invite criminals by offering too much information about your home’s vulnerabilities.

Showing the house

Most people want to work with a real estate agent for not only the ease of the selling process, but the ability to screen clients before an open house is possible. An agent could make sure you are only working with qualified homebuyers by asking questions before any showings take place.

This would include confirmation that the client has worked with a mortgage lender and the collection of personal information of a buyer. If you are not working with a realtor, be sure to never show the home by yourself since any risk of a situation is lower when there is a spouse or friend present during a showing.

The best way to handle the showings is to set appointments to make sure a visitor is serious about seeing the home at the appointed time, and to make sure that you are extra careful when showing the home to multiple interested parties at one time.
Keep your groups all together to avoid theft from one party while distracted by the other. Keep your phone handy in case you need to call the police and have your car alarm from your keys with you in case you need to hit the “panic” button.

It doesn’t hurt to be proactive either; jot down the car description, license number, and physical description of clients when they arrive in the event that you need to call the police with that information at some point.

Once you’ve handled the house prep, it’s time to start thinking about the safest way to allow strangers into your home and to handle selling the property. Use these tips to improve your selling potential and to keep your family safe during this process.


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