Jacksonville Neighborhoods for Purchasing Historic Homes

Living in a historic home may be on your bucket list or it may just be something you prefer. Many of the older homes were built with more character and charm than some of the newer, cookie-cutter homes of today.

Whether you prefer the style or just enjoy living in a historic district, Jacksonville has plenty of choices. Here’s a look at some of the best neighborhoods in Jacksonville for historic home.

Riverside & Avondale Riverside Avondale Real Estate

Many locals consider Riverside & Avondale to be one area, but they are actually two separate neighborhoods. Riverside provides the five points area with plenty of artsy shops, cafes, clubs and more. Avondale, on the other hand, provides a more sophisticated area with upscale shops, specialty boutiques and fine art galleries.

Riverside & Avondale is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and governed by the historic preservation department of Jacksonville. Many consider this historic district to be one of the coolest and oldest neighborhoods in all of Jacksonville.

With a unique mix of charm, culture, modern design and history, residents get a little bit of everything in the Riverside & Avondale area. The Food District found in the Riverside area provides many popular hotspots. You will also find two breweries, Bold City Brewery and Intuition Ale Works, on King Street.

The Avondale area dates back to the late 1800s and was the home of any of the city’s wealthiest residents. Many gourmet eateries, such as Orsay and The Brick are found within this area, as well.


Springfield Real Estate
Front porch community

Dating all the way back to 1869, Springfield is another Jacksonville Historic District found on the National Register of Historic Places. The neighborhood is currently going through a rebirth and was named as, “The South’s Best Comeback Neighborhood,” by Southern Living in 2011.

Many of the older homes have bene restored and the up-and-coming neighborhood provides plenty of historic charm. Majestic oaks are found all throughout the neighborhoods and this was once the wealthiest neighborhood in all of Jacksonville.


A unique area of Jacksonville, Ortega has a few different sections each with their own charm. The riverfront area is full of multi-million dollar mansions, while the Ortega Point area provides many Tudor homes near Bettes Park. You will even find a historic district here with homes dating all the way back to the early 1900s.

Ortega is found south of the downtown area and it’s located on a peninsula off the St. Johns River. It’s known as one of the richest neighborhoods in the city. A section of Ortega was designated as the Old Ortega Historic District in 2004. It’s now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Many of the residents living in Ortega are members of either the Timiuquana Country Club or the Florida Yacht Club. This is a prominent area for boating and sailing due to the easy water access.

San Marco san marco c

Known for incredible dining and shopping, San Marco is one of the top areas for upscale, trendy clothing boutiques. Theatre Jacksonville, the oldest community theatre in the entire county, is found within the neighborhood. It dates back to 1938 and provides a dinner theatre for all to enjoy.

The main attraction of San Marco is the San Marco Square. This is the area where you will find incredible shopping, plenty of art galleries and so much more. You will even get to enjoy the fountain of lions within this section of the neighborhood.

Murray Hill 20180510 4528 Sappho Ave002SMALL

Named after a neighborhood found in Manhattan, New York City, Murray Hill was created in 1907. A few years later, the area was actually incorporated into a town. However, in 1925, Murray Hill was annexed by the City of Jacksonville.

Today, the neighborhood is full of parks, restaurants, gardens and more. It’s a popular historic area with homes ranging from modern styles to old southern styles. Many of the homes are older, yet this neighborhood is not registered as a historic neighborhood.

There are several historic districts found throughout the Jacksonville area. However, if you’re looking for one of the top choices, those listed above will provide just what you desire.


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