New Technology Trends For Your Kitchen

_MG_6725-PanoHomes keep getting smarter and smarter – especially the kitchens.  Whether you’re renovating your kitchen completely or looking to upgrade some items, here are the latest buzzwords and what they mean for you:

Voice Activation

  • What it is: make appliances respond to the sound of your voice
  • Why you want it: you are multi-tasking around the kitchen and can’t or don’t want to use your hands
  • Example: Use Alexa to turn on a faucet

Guided Cooking

  • What it is:  New appliance technology will give you help cooking on the spot
  • Why you want it: It’s like having an assistant always on hand.  The appliance help with everything from where to place a pot roast in the oven, preheat your oven from the store via your phone, and even connect your oven to your smart smoke detector to prevent a possible fire.
  • Example: Check out this GE smart oven coming out this year

On Demand

  • What it is: what you want when you need it
  • Why you want it: to save yourself a few extra steps
  • Example: The Beale Measurefill faucet can be set to dispense a set amount of water

Seamless Integration

  • What it is: whole-house control from one appliance
  • Why you want it: you don’t have to leave the kitchen
  • Example: you can use the Family Hub fridge to stream music, adjust the thermostat, and see who is at the door



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