10 Shortcuts For Getting Ready For Last Minute Showings

When you’ve spent time preparing to sell your home, you can still find yourself caught off guard when a last minute showing is going to take place. You knew that your house was going to be shown at times, but you also have to live in the house while you wait for it to sell. That might mean getting a call from your realtor that a showing will take place this weekend, or it may mean that your agent is going to call asking to show the house in 10 minutes.

While this may make life a bit stressful right now, you can combat this stress by having a plan of action in the event that a last minute showing is going to take place. Here are 10 shortcuts that will help you get ready for a last minute showing.

Straighten up 

The easiest way to begin to clean up for a last minute showing is to straighten up the house. Go to your sofa and straighten the pillows. Make all of the beds in the house and put away coats back into the coat closet. Pick up and loose items on the floor like laundry, dog toys, and shoes. It may be easiest to bring a laundry basket with you to collect all of the clutter to be stored out of sight.

Let it shine

You’ll want your house to pop for the showing. Make sure you are letting light in by pulling back the drapes and turning the lights on in every room.


Dust gathers whether you clean your home every day or not. Be sure to dust your wood floors with a dust mop, dust your wood furniture and dust hard to reach spots that might show with all of the natural lighting.


 While you’re dusting the wood floors, be sure to sweep your entryway and front steps outside. You’ll want to make sure all dust and debris is removed with your broom or your vacuum, especially in high-traffic areas.

Where are the pets?

You’ve cleaned up the dog toys, but where are the pets? Make sure they are secured or can be dropped off at a neighbor’s home.

_MG_6732-PanoWipe down the kitchen

 Your kitchen is getting used multiple times per day. Make sure you wipe down those counters, cupboards, and appliances. Wash any dishes and put them back into the cupboard.

Clean the bathroom

 Bathroom cleaning can take some time, but if you can do a fast version, the priorities _MG_6756include the toilet, floors, and any obvious dirty spots. Wipe down your counter and sink, brush the toilet with toilet-bowl cleaner, and wipe the floors. It would also help to put fresh hand soap and towels in there and to remove the trash.

Wipe down glass

 If you have time, clean the glass around the house, especially the front door. It’s likely that since the last time it was cleaned, new fingerprints have been added. The first impression is everything.

 Collect trash

 If you haven’t already done so, collect the trash throughout the house. Even if you don’t have much trash right now, you don’t want buyers to see dirty tissue in the bathroom or smell old food in the kitchen.

 Light a candle

 Speaking of smells, it would really make your home smell fresh to light candles. It’s an easy way to please the sense of smell and make everything feel a little cleaner than before.

Overall, you just want to focus your attention on maintaining the home after a deep cleaning you’ve already done. Start your day by opening up the curtains, making the beds, tidying the house, and turning on any candles or warmers that will add pleasantly to the home’s scent.

Clean as you go each day from doing the dishes right away, sweeping up messes, and straightening up areas after you are done using them. Keeping clean, sanitized, organized, and straightened up will make a last-minute showing a breeze.

While it may feel overwhelming to wait for your house to sell, just remember that getting through this temporary phase will lead you to getting your house sold and the next chapter can start for your family. Use these 10 shortcuts to help when those last minute showings come knocking at your door.



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