Understanding Jacksonville’s Beach Communities

The Beaches is an area found to the east of Downtown Jacksonville. It’s comprised of four beach cities covering over 22 miles of oceanfront. All of the beach communities are actually located on an unnamed barrier island and considered suburbs of Jacksonville.

surfers_group2Some of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the Jax area are found throughout The Beaches. The four beach communities found here include: Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Jacksonville Beach, and Ponte Vedra Beach.  Some will also consider Mayport as a part of The Beaches.

Atlantic Beach

Known as the most residential area within The Beaches, Atlantic Beach provides beautiful homes and some of the best beaches within the area. Residents enjoy plenty to do in the Atlantic Beach area with plenty of outdoor activities, nighttime entertainment and shopping.

With about 25 blocks of space, this community is a closed-end community with about 14,000 residents. It provides the tight-knit feeling with plenty of fine dining, specialty boutiques, upscale shops and entertainment options. The Town Center was recently renovated, as well.

Neptune Beach

The smallest and the youngest of The Beaches, the population of Neptune Beach is about 7,000. This mall community is known as a community-oriented suburb of Jacksonville with high-quality homes. The neighborhood provides mainly single-family homes with some shops, restaurants and entertainment options.

Jarboe Park is one of the top spots for recreation. This park provides duck ponds, beach volleyball courts, tennis courts, a massive playground and much more.

Jacksonville Beach

The largest and main community of The Beaches is Jacksonville Beach. With plenty of beach access and affordable homes, this is the most popular of the beach communities.

Many restaurants, shops and entertainment options are found throughout the areas. Jacksonville Beach is also known for events held at the Seawalk Pavilion, which is the largest oceanfront park and stage in the area.

The homes found throughout Jacksonville Beach are a mix of single-family and luxury condos. Many of the condominium buildings are located oceanfront, while many bungalow homes are just a short walk to the beach.

Ponte Vedra Beach

The most exclusive of the beach communities, Ponte Vedra Beach provides plenty of private beach access and large, multi-million dollar homes. Many of the communities found within Ponte Vedra Beach are gated and provide large, luxurious single-family estates.

Known as a resort community, Ponte Vedra Beach has seen many of the older homes give way to large, luxury homes. The community is still being developed and many new amenities and housing options have been added.

Ponte Vedra Beach is home to some of the finest golfing, dining, shopping, tennis facilities, gyms and spas in the Jacksonville area. Many residents enjoy swimming, tennis, boating, surfing, golfing and fishing within the area. In fact, the community is most famous for the large number of golf courses and the outdoor activities found throughout.

Understanding the beach communities of Jacksonville will allow you to make a sound decision on the area you prefer for your next home. All four of the beach communities provide something a little bit different. Whether you prefer a larger beach community or more exclusivity, you will find it within the beaches of Jacksonville.


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