Lack of Storage in Historic Homes

Lots of buyers get dissuaded from buying historic homes when they realize how small the closets are.  But this shouldn’t be a negative thing – there are lots of things you can do as a homeowner to add additional storage to historic homes.

Homes built before the 1950’s generally had smaller closets because most people didn’t have as many clothes as we have today and the ones they did have they kept in armoires and chest of drawers.  Fitting your closet into an older home can definitely be a challenge!

Use an Armoire or Chest of Drawer
Do what they did!  Consider purchasing a cool armoire or chest yourself!  Not only will they increase your storage but they can be great pieces of furniture that will compliment the detail and craftsmanship in your historic home.

Convert Smaller Rooms
Many older homes have small rooms that were sleeping rooms and are attached to larger bedrooms.  Consider converting one of these into a “walk in” closet.  I have seen this done in many homes and it works really well.

Renovate Smart

When taking on renovation projects always consider if there is a way to sneak in some additional storage.  Pull out cabinets, hidden storage spots; etc there are lots of great ideas online.

Project and Photo credit to 
jelena maksimovic

Project and Photo credit to Hannah Morris


Most of importantly, don’t let lack of storage deter you from that great home with lots of original character.  Use your imagination and get creative!



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