Great Local Business to Remember During the Holidays!

Need something to bring with you for that last-minute holiday party? Need a break from all your holiday shopping? Or maybe, you’re just looking for a fun place to wind down during the evenings. I have the answer for you.

If you’re looking for a place for any of the above reasons, or even a reason not mentioned, you need to visit the gourmet package store, Grape & Grain Exchange. Located in San Marco, it’s a locally owned store that sells local and other family-owned alcohol, cheeses and beers.

There’s a wide selection of liquor, wine and beer with a variety of pricing to fit any budget. Not sure what you are in the mood to purchase? No problem. Sit down and have a drink! You can go for just drinks, you can go just to buy a bottle, or you can do both – buy a bottle of something and they will let you open it for your enjoyment in the store for a $1 corking fee.

Should you decide to stay a while, don’t miss the true prohibition-inspired speakeasy behind their back bookcase. The Parlour features a variety of live performers, typically in the jazz or blues genre. You can plan ahead of time by viewing their calendar here.

Don’t believe just one opinion? Check out the reviews of other locals.. You do not want to miss out on Grape & Grain Exchange this holiday season or any other time of the year!


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