Intown Holiday Shopping

With the advent of days like Small Business Saturday, many people are making more of an effort to support their local economy. Shopping local also means supporting your friends, family and neighbors. Not only does shopping local help the people you know, trust and love, but you’re also able to branch out and meet new people who enjoy the same interests you have within your own neighborhood. Shopping local shows your pride and support for your community and there’s no better time for that than during the holidays. Furthermore, the money you spend Intown stays Intown and recirculates locally rather than being sent to large corporations nationally and internationally. It is said that small businesses are the heart of our country; we all like to have a healthy heart, don’t we?

Several gift ideas for a variety of your food and beauty enthusiasts include Intuition Alework’s new cookbook, Cooking with Intuition; Sustainable Springfield’s lip balm made from local bees; an assortment of bath and body products from peacock republic; or even a special piece of jasmine&magnolia jewelry available online or in any number of Intown boutiques. 

But, of course, more than just food and beauty items are sold locally. You can support any number of local restaurants and boutiques for your favorite pooch, sibling, parent or significant other. From your coffee aficionado to your savvy thriftier, there is something for everyone Intown. If you’re fresh out of ideas, a great way to get some fresh air and exercise is to visit the Riverside Arts Market (RAM) Saturday, Dec. 14 for their “holidazzle” event. Many local small-business owners will be showcasing their best work as holiday gift ideas. See a preview from Matt about Jax or visit RAM’s website for more information.

Happy holidays from your Intown realtor and don’t forget to shop local!


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