It’s a Wonderful Neighborhood

In case you’ve missed the plethora of holiday decorations already out in stores, or any of the numerous commercials, the holidays are just around the corner! Turkey Day is in less than 10 days and, before you know it, the rest of the holidays will already be spinning your Dreidel or climbing down your chimney. What have you been doing to start getting in the spirit?

There’s no doubt there will be plenty of holiday music to listen to, or classic shows to watch. But you can’t forget about all the festive lights and holly, wreaths and mistletoe, and the smells of fresh holiday cookies baking. If you haven’t left this blog yet to start your holiday Pinterest planning, I have a better suggestion for you faithful readers; visit the 27th annual Historic Springfield Holiday Home Tour! What better way to get holiday inspiration for your home than by seeing firsthand what others have done? Added bonus: it’s a real social event where you can spend time with your loved ones for the holidays instead of focusing on social media 🙂

This year the tour is graciously hosted by the Springfield Improvement Association and Archives (the new name for the merging of Springfield Improvement and Woman’s Club and the Springfield Heritage Education Center). There are two options to attend — Friday, Dec. 6, or Saturday, Dec. 7. The event lasts from 5 – 9 p.m. both nights and starts at 210 West 7th Street, Jacksonville, FL 32206.

Tickets for the holiday tour are $12 at the door or $10 in advance if you purchase them at any of the locations below. For more information or questions, you can visit or call 904.633.9308.

Wonderful Neighborhood


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