How To: Keep Your Wood Floors Beautiful

One of the most popular home upgrades buyers and homeowners look for is wood flooring. As beautiful as they are, if not maintained they can be a very large expense. Having to either take the extra time to refinish wood floors personally or to spend significantly more money (sometimes several thousand dollars) to hire a professional can easily be prevented without much time or money.

Foremost, do not neglect sweeping and vacuuming. Yes, this can be a mundane and tedious task to complete daily, but this needs to be done at least once a week. Even dust and dirt buildup can do harm to your floors over the years. And, nobody likes the feeling of dirt under your feet while walking barefoot inside.

Scratches and scuffs can be a nightmare to see and fight. Here are a few tips to help prevent those common eyesores:

  • Rugs are an excellent solution to use in high-activity or moisture-prone areas such as kitchens (near the sink or fridge) and in entryways, but do not use rubber on the bottom as it will likely damage your floors instead.
  • Add felt tips to the bottom of any furniture. Not only does this help protect your wood floors, but it also makes rearranging rooms easier.
  • If you occasionally vacuum your floors, do not use any spinning brushes. These bristles will do more damage than reparation.
  • One option to recommend is hardwood floor cleaners. Not everyone believes liquid is a safe option at all, but it can do the trick. Using cleaners comes down to your personal preference. If you like, or prefer, liquid cleaners for treatment, be sure to check the ingredients. Oil, wax, ammonia and even some polishes will wear down your floors after continuous use.

Unfortunately, scratches are inevitable regardless how hard you try to prevent them. A common home remedy is to use a walnut. Remove the shell and then rub the nut along the scratch and then run your finger across to help warm the oil. After 5 -10 minutes of soaking, your pesky scratch should be sealed.

Finally, be sure to clean up spills and messes quickly. The longer any food or drink sits on your hardwood floor, the more damage will happen. A simple damp cloth works just fine. However, always be sure to dry the area after to ensure no moisture remains on your floor.

Maintaining hardwood floors does not have to be time consuming or expensive as long as you follow these simple precautions. Do not scorn the maintenance – your hardwood floors were meant to be enjoyed!

Beautifully restored floors by Glory Homes
Beautifully restored floors by Glory Homes

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