Celebrating Local Businesses this Independence Day: Sweet Theory Baking Co.

A great way to celebrate our nation’s independence is to make a vow to support local intown businesses at least once/week. One great new business that you should definitely check out is Sweet Theory. Established in 2012, this Riverside bakery is not only sweet in theory, but is sweet in reality, too. Located at 1243 King St., Sweet Theory Baking Co. uses only all-natural and organic ingredients in their one-of-a-kind recipes.

Of course your first thought is, “How can baked goods be tasty with all-natural and organic ingredients?” I’m no chef or pastry master, but my taste buds are superb and with the kind of reviews Sweet Theory has been receiving, there is a crowd out there who will agree when I say you need to give this place a try!

Sweet Theory Baking Co. is home to cupcakes, doughnuts, cookie sandwiches, custom cakes, muffins, bars, doughnut sundaes, Brooklyn egg creams and more – all without any egg, dairy, soy or peanut ingredients. They sweeten their menu options using Organic Agave Nectar, Whole Cane Sugar and Coconut Palm Sugar. They even have gluten-free options available daily. To perfectly compliment their sweet treats, Sweet Theory also serves a variety of Bold Bean Coffee and Italian sodas.

Sweet Theory also provides an intimate sitting area with options to sit on a couch, picnic-style table, or simple table and chair combinations. They have adorable eclectic southern decorations that make you feel right at home with their background coffee-house music. They also house a few games and flyers advertising local happenings.

One of the sweetest things about Sweet Theory is that they have an ever-changing menu with different options daily. But, for all of you out there who like to order your favorite item with every visit, the owner (and head baker) is happy to create custom orders for your special occasion if given 48-hours’ notice. They do not have their own website, but you can follow Sweet Theory Baking Co. on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates on their menu.

Sweet Theory is not just an answer to feeding the sweetest of your (not-so-) guilty pleasures, but it is the perfect option to support local Intown Jacksonville residents. They are open Tuesday – Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and are waiting for you to find out just how sweet Sweet Theory Baking Co. is in reality, too.


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