my new space

Space is important to our everyday experience.  The space we find ourselves in from minute to minute and hour to hour affects many things, including our mood, health, and vivaciousness.  Personal space is especially important.  Personal space is where self expression and solace happen.  For most of us this is our home.  We relax here, we entertain friends here, we create here, we live here, we raise our families here.

For many of us, the character in the space is what draws us to it and makes us want to stay.  That character can come in many forms: the craftsmanship in a historic home, the contrast of textures in a sleek modern design, the natural light that floods an open floor plan, the front porch that invites you in.

1830 Market
1830 Market

Finding your space is a journey.  Making the leap to purchase that space so that you can always go home to it can be stressfull, fun, frustrating, rewarding.

We recently purchased a new space.  About 5 blocks from our old space.  It is a 1911 creative dream (that means a lot of work), but that is what we love most about it.  This blog is also a new space for me.  I have kept a blog for many many years but I decided it was time for a new space.  Something more updated and that inspired me to discuss real estate and architecture again.

This is that space.


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